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I have tried contacting them on numerous occasions about when I am getting my money back and also getting compensated for the abominable service received! Noone answers emails or ticket emails or phone calls!

Our story is so long that I'm sure people will get bored... but here is a exert from one of my emails(that noone has answered):

Good Afternoon Desiree,

Please see below email with date stamp as requested, again.

This will be the fourth time now that I have sent this information while

traveling. I also have email confirmation from Leanne, your co-worker that

she received and forwarded to you over 2 weeks ago.

I have not had any correspondence from you since my last email and am still

awaiting my refund.

The level of customer service that I have received has not been acceptable

and I know if I ran my business like this, I wouldn't be in business.

So just to recap everything again, because I have nothing better to do with

my time:

Firstly I was told in writing that I would receive a refund for deposit on

Reservation RLSA81724 in full at dealership in Las Vegas when I arrived to

pick up other 11 bikes.

When I arrived they did not give refund, denied all knowledge of it and

said I would have to supply proof in writing, which I subsequently did on

numerous occasions. Then I was told in writing that I would receive refund

at time of drop off and arriving in LA. This didn't happen either, as they

denied all knowledge of it and I received nothing again.

On top of all of that issue, we endeavored to pay for the most expensive

and comprehensive accident and vehicle and roadside assistance offered by

your company for our 3 week trip, and I would have to say again that, that

experience has again been substandard as well. So much so that I feel that

we should be compensated for our troubles. Our first bike started

encountering problems soon after we left, and hadn't been serviced

correctly for such a trip. (Why we know this, we own a motorcycle repair

shop) Secondly when the bike got too bad to continue with we had it

replaced in San Francisco with another bike. The replacement bike was

extremely old, ran worst than the first, and ended up breaking down on the

side of the road in the desert in California with oil streaming out of it,

130 miles from LA, so we consequently missed our drop off time with other

bikes in our party. What company sends a replacement bike that is not

roadworthy!!! It seems to me that Eagle-rider has a very poor Quality

Assurance department and I think it should be looked at immediately before

someone is seriously hurt!

Then to add insult to injury, we had to wait on side of road in desert sun

for over 4 hours before we got towed. Also we had to organize and

reorganize our own transport because all your call center did was organize

pick up of the broken bike! Very unprofessional!

So in closing I await your early response to address both my issue of a

refund for deposit on RLAS81724 and also compensation for the poor service

and substandard condition of RLAS81728.

If I haven't had a response from someone within the next 2 business days I

will be taking the matter further through my solicitor and I will be going

public with my concerns about Eagle-rider on every Social media platform

there is.

That email was sent over a week ago I have till not heard from anyone.... Funny that!

If I don't get a response today I will be taking further action with my lawyer!

In summary I have in writing that Eaglerider was giving a complete refund for a deposit not proceeded with but as yet I am still waiting for it!

And secondly with regards to the bike we actually rode it was faulty, then it was replaced with a very old bike and then that bike broke down in middle of desert and we missed our connections, waited over four hours to be picked up, paid the highest coverage and still had to organize our own pickup!

Absolutely Ridiculous

Reason of review: All of the Above.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Very poor maintenance to vehicles, Very poor roadside assistance, Very poor quality assurance, Very poor complaint resolution, Very poor customer service and followup.

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You're lucky you weren't killed. Screw motorcycles.


What an irritating vehicle. Thank you for staying away from our street with it.

to Anonymous #1556573


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